Backyard Chicken Health Guide: Diagnosis & Treatment Digital eBook

Backyard Chicken Health Guide: Diagnosis & Treatment Digital eBook

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Instantly download your comprehensive guide to backyard poultry first aid.

The Backyard Chicken Health Guide: Diagnosis & Treatment is a must have for anyone with chickens.

Many of us don’t have a chicken vet, and trips to the vet can be very expensive. With this book, you will be able to confidently identify ailments and know exactly how to treat your sick chicken.

Updated for 2021, this detailed guide includes the most current information on medication options and treatments, sourced from veterinary textbooks and resources.  

What’s Inside:

  • 300+ pages of detailed information 
  • What to include in your Chicken First Aid Kit 
  • How to diagnose what’s wrong with your chicken
  • Detailed information on more than 50 illnesses, diseases, and ailments
  • How to prevent ailments before they start 
  • Where to buy hard to find medicines
  • 20+ medication options and dosages
  • Natural remedies with scientific backing
  • Printable resources

All of this is explained in a simple, easy to understand approach. The Backyard Chicken Health Guide also includes links to helpful videos, additional resources, and information on how to contact Nicole with questions. 

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