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If you aren’t signed up already, I’d love to have you join my text platform. There you can easily send me messages and receive updates and special discounts. To sign up, just send me a text at (719) 292- 3207


Community 1

I have “groups” that allow you to opt in to the text topics that interest you most.

If you don’t sign up for a specific topic, you’ll still get messages that I sent out to all community members, just not specific ones around specific hashtags.

Topics you can follow:





You can opt-in by simply texting me the hashtags you’re interested in. You can opt-in to as many topics as you’d like.

If you ever want to opt-out of any of the above groups, just reply with #optout and the group name and I’ll remove you from that group.

For example, to opt out of beekeeping texts, send me #optout #bees

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