Training Your Flock

Nipples are intended to be used with birds 2+ weeks old, in most cases. For birds such as quail, pheasant or other smaller birds, wait until they are old enough to be able to press the nipple pin.

When ready to train your birds, remove all other water sources. This is critical, and the #1 reason for training failures. If all other water sources are not removed, birds will have no motivation to learn to use the nipples.

Birds are naturally attracted to the nipples red color. Press the pin, allowing the water to flow from the nipple. Try this several times while birds are watching. Continue this until one bird drinks, and others will then follow. If birds do not drink after several minutes of pressing the pin, repeat in 30 minutes. Do not return birds usual water source between training sessions. Birds will often figure it out on their own within 10 minutes of the first training session.

In some cases, you may need to gently press a birds beak unto the nipple until it flows water. I have found this to be necessary with quail. This is similar to dipping a chicks beak into their water when moving them to the brooder for the first time.

You may also find success in guiding birds to drink with a laser pointer. As the birds chase and peck at the laser pointer, have the birds follow the dot to the drinker. When they peck the nipples, they should quickly figure out how to use them.

When I am training new birds to use the nipples, I find it helpful to mark the water line on the container and check back in a few hours. If the water level has dropped, I know the birds are drinking from them, and I no longer need to sit and watch them for hours just to make sure.

If you are struggling to teach your birds how to use the nipples, be sure to visit our  Side Mount Poultry Nipple Troubleshooting Guide  for more in-depth suggestions.

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