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Birds will ship to our farm approximately 1-4 weeks after preorder closes from a NPIP certified hatchery and must be picked up in Pueblo West, CO. Shipping dates are determined by hatchery availability. When birds ship you will be notified via email. Keets will be available for pickup 1 week after delivery to our farm. Once birds are ready, you will be contacted to schedule pick up. You will have 1 week after the release date to pick up your birds. We are available most days and will do our best to accommodate your schedule. Please note that we are a family business and we have full time jobs, so our schedule has some limitations.

  • For biosecurity reasons, we do not accept returns and our farm is not open to the public. We typically meet our customers in the Pueblo West Big R parking lot for pick up.
  • Any birds not picked up within 1 week will be considered abandoned and surrendered to us. Your payment will not be refunded.
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